Our cosmetic line

We use our cosmetic line for spa treatments.

Knowing the high therapeutic properties of the thermal water of the “La Rita” spring, we decided to create, with the help of chemistry and pharmacology experts, a product line entirely inspired by nature and made with thermal water enriched with plant extracts of Ischian flora rich in beneficial and functional properties.

The “Antiche Terme di Ischia Sorgente La Rita” cosmetics have both a face and a body line.

Having a lot of respect towards nature, in the laboratory we do not carry out tests on animals but we carry out in-depth controls by testing the cosmetic and functional performance, the aromas, the perfumes, the softness of each product, with the aim of obtaining high quality products.

Our products are sold in a direct way avoiding the expensive passage of the distribution, you can order them and receive them even at home by buying them on the Antiche Terme Ischia website.

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