Healing aspects

The source “La Rita” is known, since ancient times, for the therapeutic qualities of its waters. Awarded in 1912 as the best known waters, they are the protagonists of the entire wellness area of ​​the hotel: from pools, to mud, to inhalations.

The source “La Rita” is also known as “source of the Net” or “fons Retis”; there are many historical references taken from prestigious texts of illustrious writers, doctors and scholars of the past such as the philosopher and doctor Giulio Iasolino, doctors such as Venanzio Marone and Jacques Etienne Chaevalley De Rivaz.

At the 1912 International Paris Exhibition, its waters were declared among the best known waters awarded with a gold medal.


Download here the pdf with the description of the properties of our waters


Today from the precious waters of the “La Rita” spring natural muds are obtained, rich in active elements and endowed with extraordinary therapeutic properties. Our muds, matured in thermal water for at least 6 months, are in fact particularly effective in the treatment of arthro-rheumatic diseases and in the recovery of joint function.

They also have a trophic effect linked to the heat-induced vasodilation which is a real panacea for traumatic pathologies and for extra articular rheumatism. Finally, they favor the resolution of localized rheumatism (peri-arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis, etc.), as well as traumatic pathologies affecting tendons, joints and muscles.

Each mud therapy session involves 3 distinct moments:

1 – Mud application

Il fango si applica a circa 38-42 gradi sulla cute, evitando la zona toracica anteriore, il capo e la zona pubica. La durata varia da 15 a 20 minuti.

 2 – The bath

At the end of the mud treatment, the staff takes care of having the patient take a hot shower and immersing it in the thermal bath at a temperature of 37 ° C for a time of 8 – 10 minutes.

3 – Sweat reaction

After the bath the patient, dried with warm cloths and well covered, remains 15/20 minutes at rest for the sweating reaction induced by the mud and the bath.

A mud therapy session at the Ancient Baths

“La Rita” is therefore absolutely a moment of regeneration and intense relaxation that provides immediate physical and mental well-being in the patient.


“La Rita” Ancient Spa Price List


Our thermal department has an agreement with ASL. You can take some spa treatments by paying only the ticket. Here are the treatments that can be performed through the National Health Service:

  • Mud with bath in thermal water
  • Mud with thermal water shower
  • Thermal bath
  • Inhalation therapy and Aereosol


To be able to carry out the treatment with the prescription, it is necessary to insert the right wording and diagnosis on the prescription of your own doctor:

  • For sludge, the correct wording is “Cycle of Baths and Therapeutic Mud”, diagnosis eg. “arthrosis”
  • For inhalation treatments, “Inhalation cure cycle”, diagnosis eg rhinitis


In addition to this, at our wellness center, beauty and therapeutic treatments are available for a fee that do not require any medical prescription. Below are the list costs of the various treatments available.


Mineral bath with ozone € 14,00
Mud and shower € 24,00
Bath and Therapeutic Mud € 35,00
Inhalation € 11,00
Aerosol € 15,00
Nasal shower € 13,00
Micronized nasal shower € 11,00
Mud mask with facial massage € 30,00
Medical check-up and assistance for fine control € 30,00
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